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Whether it's the gym, boardroom or bedroom; Formula R3 Daily will Rise,Rock and Restore your free testosterone, mental focus and vitality so you can perform at your highest level. Anytime, everytime

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Over 30% of the male population suffers from pre ejaculation and as many as 52% suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. For every problem there's a solution: Formula R3...Rise Rock and Restore your youth.

What is formula r3?

Formula R3 is a proprietary blend of organic extracts designed  by our master herbalist/doctor to enhance and support men's overall health.  Due to the synergy of the ingredients in Formula R3, it is designed to work with the body unlike other supplements which forces your body causing side effects, ie headaches, backaches, stuffy nose, etc; Formula R3 differs from others on the market because of the health component which provides support to the prostate, heart, kidneys and liver . The body works as a unit, not separately that's why R3 is so effective. Guaranteed to maximize the 3 Rs to their highest potential. Rise , Rock and Restore.  No prescriptions, promises or gimmicks. JUST RESULTS

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I had a date that night and I was looking for a boost. A friend had a packet of R3 and told me to try it. Now I'm a believer! I experienced more endurance and a stronger erection. I recommend it!

K.B, 25

I started taking a daily supplement of R3! and immediately saw a big change in my life: more energetic and very stiff erections every morning. Thanks to R3  I am a different Man, I am a Superman now, before I had a problem with premature ejaculation, and from the very beginning R3 took care of it, now I am Ready anytime  and feel more confident , horny and ready for the Best sex ever. Thanks R3 you changed my sex life forever. Can't thank you enough R3 !!!"

Sergio, 47

Formula R3 helped me take my game to the next level and now my girl is hooked!

Jason, 33

Was taking it for two weeks daily, come game time and i blew my wife into orbit she was loving that my wood was extra big & rock hard  . i felt like the black panther . this product is what i needed being 50 yrs old with high blood pressure which is controlled, but i still was lacking a strong hard on, this product made me feel like i was 18 yrs old. She wanted more and it was ready and i knocked her down even more than before she was really loving me in the morning .  loyal customer. 

Reggie 50

Forrmula R3: Natures Gift to Menshealth

Formula R3 uses all natural ingredients to enhance the performance, boost the vitality and confidence of the everyday male. Unlike other supplements on the market, R3 does not use any fillers because we don't want to effect the potency of the product. We cherish what nature has giving us. No prescriptions, promises or gimmicks just RESULTS!!! #RemainReady

Remain Ready with R3 Daily

The daily formula is designed to enhance and maintain men's overall health . Formulated with some of the finest ingredients nature has given us, the formula is designed for perfect synergy with the body. Remain Ready and Healthy.

The Solution is Here

Remain Ready. Whether it's the gym , boardroom or bedroom Formula R3 Daily will Rise , Rock and Restore your testosterone, mental focus and vitality helping you perform at the highest level.