What is Formula R3?

Formula R3 is a proprietary blend of all natural extracts designed to enhance and support men's overall health. Formula R3 will enhance men's health by: increasing free testosterone, increasing energy and stamina, boosting libido, increasing mental focus. restoring vitaliaty while supporting the prostateheart, liver, and kidneys.

 Formula R3 Daily is the TOP all natural men's health supplement on the market giving the everyday male what he needs and More. No prescriptions, promises or gimmicks. JUST Results  #RemainReady

Interested in learning more about the science that powers Formula R3? Read more about our Clinical Trials and Ingredients. 

Success Stories

Sergio, 47

"I started taking a daily supplement of R3! and immediately saw a big change in my life: more energetic and very stiff erections every morning. Thanks to R3  I am a different Man, I am a Superman now, before I had a problem with premature ejaculation, and from the very beginning R3 took care of it, now I am Ready anytime  and feel more confident , horny and ready for the Best sex ever. Thanks R3 you changed my sex life forever. Can't thank you enough R3 !!!"

K.B, 25

"I had a date that night and I was looking for a boost. A friend had a packet of R3 and told me to try it. Now I'm a believer! I experienced more endurance and a stronger erection. I recommend it!"

"When I first took R3, I noticed I had better blood flow and my erection lasted longer. I felt more confident and I had better focus. My wife noticed the difference, and she's a lot happier! Thanks for making R3!"
Terry B
Age 35 

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