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Formula R3 Daily (All Natural Men's Health Supplement)


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Formula R3 Daily is designed to support men's health and optimize healthy performance.  R3 Daily supports men's reproductive health , including boosting energy, healthy libido and function, and normal prostate and sperm function throughout many ages and stages of life. Rise, Rock and Restore your Youth

Formula R3 Daily

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Product Information:
Description: All natural health supplement designed to maintain and support men's overall health
Saw palmetto berries :for optimal prostate health and support.
Hawthorn berries: for heart health and support, cardiovascular health.
Fo ti root: for liver and kidney support and increases fertility.
Korean Red Ginseng: increases energy , free testosterone and endurance
Black Maca Root: increases energy levels, libido, vitality and endurance. Reduces anxiety and stress. Balances hormone levels.
Muria Puama: Increases libido and vitality.
Why R3 Daily?
Men's health is important in every aspect of life whether it's the boardroom , gym or the bedroom . We want to be on top of our game no matter where we are and Formula R3 Daily is designed to do just that. This natural supplement for men's health will increase and support the vital functions and organs we need to get through on a daily basis. 
. increase and support mental focus
. boost in energy, vitality  stamina and libido
. supporting the heart, kidneys, liver and prostate.
.Maintaining healthy testosterone levels
Why go natural?
Nature has given us many gifts to maintain and support a healthy body.  Using natural ingredients works in unison with the body, therefore giving you a healthy experience as oppose to using synthetic drugs. Treat your body right and it will reward you with a better quality of life and overall well being.
Gingko Biloba: helps with mental focus, blood flow and testosterone levels. Increases nitric oxide .
Deer velvet antler: increases endurance, strength and helps with stress. Speeds up recovery time from workouts, performance, etc.
Plus other herbs for additional strength and support.
Product directions\ additional info
take one capsule daily
Use only as directed
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases.
Keep out of reach of children 
Always consult with your physician before taking any supplement
Store in a cool, dry space
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** Individual Results May Vary**


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