The Mission of R3

50% of men over the age of 40 experience some amount of ED  and the percentages increase with age  (

As more people educate themselves about the essentials of healthy living, they look toward nutrition-based solutions to fulfill their needs.  Ultimate Performance Labs provides solutions for those looking for alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry. We create products that are specific to certain challenges, age groups and demographics with respect to everyone being physically different.   

R3 enhances and supports  mind, body and mood which in turn makes a better you in the bedroom. In order to achieve this, we want to focus on these three things:
Blood flow
Rise: In Energy and Stamina 
You want to increase your energy and stamina which will maximize your performance. These herbs have been associated with increasing energy levels; black maca, Korean red ginseng, licorice and kola nut. These are known as adaptogenic herbs which balance and improve energy levels and helps our bodies deal with stress without causing us to become addicted to them. They also have antioxidant properties that helps protect against several health issues. They help stimulate , but unlike pure stimulants ( caffeine) which is temporary causing you to crash and burn.
ROCK : Get Hard, Stay Hard
Rock longer and harder erections with these herbs which is associated with increasing blood flow; cayenne ,ginger, gotu kola with the addition of American ginseng and L arginine which promotes blood vessel relaxation and boosting nitric oxide.  The reason for ED is due to poor blood circulation; so with these combination of herbs studies have shown circulation increases and supports overall heart health.  By relaxing the blood vessels and increasing the blood flow, the results are a longer and harder erection. 
Restore: Drive and Vitality 
Horny is a sign of good health in men. if you are lacking the desire or drive to perform,  don't worry R3 will help get u back in the race.  These herbs are associated with restoring and boosting desire; black maca, tribulus, muria puama, damiana and huanarpo macho.  These potent aphrodisiac herbs make powerful allies for us by easing our nerves, freeing our minds and stimulating our body for great pleasure.
Don't become a statistic , for every issue there is a solution. Join the R3 experience.