Ingredients Found in Formula R3

by Michael Jenkins August 08, 2017

  •  Formula R3 Daily ingredients
  •  Korean Ginseng- increase energy,blood flow and builds testosterone
  •  Gingko Biloba- helps with mental focus, blood flow and increases nitric oxide helping with blood flow to the penis.
  •  Hawthorne Berries- supports the heart.
  •  Saw palmetto berries- supports the prostate and builds sperm count helping with ejaculation.
  •  Fo ti- supports the kidneys and liver and builds longevity.
  •  Muria Puama- an aphrodsiac increasing arousal and libido.
  •  Damiana- enhances arousal and heightens sexual activity
  •  American Ginseng- increases energy, builds testosterone and relaxes artiery walls enabling the penis to receive more blood,
    thus giving harder and longer erections.

Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins


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